This conference is open to all academics, policymakers, business leaders, and community members interested in participating in binational sustainability efforts. The conference will be held online on December 3, 2020 from 8AM to 5PM.


Through a series of panels and breakout sessions, conference participants will learn about topics in sustainability from renowned industry and policy leaders on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Conference attendees will take part in thought exchange forums with elected officials from all levels of government to engage in the future planning of sustainable cities, ports, and businesses along the San Diego –Tijuana region.

This is the first (non-academic) binational sustainability conference in the region and thus, we are on the lookout for new ideas and panelists to present thought-leading and inspiring sessions that are significant in both sides of the border. Our goal is to give our attendees the best professional education in the industry. 


The Binational Sustainability Conference was created to accomplish the following:

  • Contribute to Global Climate Change Adaptation planning 

  • Protection and Restoration of Water Resources & Ecosystems

  • Showcase Sustainable and Regenerative Material Resource Management 

  • Foster Innovation and creation of Green Jobs on both sides of the border 

  • Promote Binational Collaborative Policy

Organized by National City Chamber of Commerce



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